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Licensing And Pricing
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.netCHARTING Enterprise Edition Licensing:


Subscription License Options:

Special Offer: Purchase a full 1 year subscription at the time of license purchase and save 25% off of our regular subscription pricing, plus get 3 additional months of upgrades and support at no additional charge.


Subscriptions are available in year blocks. Renewal costs are as follows:



Subscription holders also receive:

  1. All minor version upgrades during the subscription period (view the version history) Priority email support during the subscription period
  2. All major version upgrades during the subscription period (view the version history)  Each winforms (desktop) license purchase includes:
    1. A license for winforms (desktop) usage for one developer working on one application.
    2. The complete set of Enterprise level .netCHARTING features
    3. Royalty free distribution when the distribution terms are met distribution terms.

At .netCHARTING we are pleased to offer "no nonsense" licensing. You simply purchase a license for each production web site or web server for webforms (asp.net) usage or for each developer utilizing .netCHARTING for winforms (desktop).

Each webforms (asp.net) license purchase includes:

  1. A production fully qualified domain or server license
  2. The complete set of Enterprise level .netCHARTING features
  3. Unlimited development servers
  4. Unlimited development workstations
  5. Unlimited test servers
  6. Unlimited Client access / Users
  7. Unlimited CPU's on a given server
  8. 90 day trial subscription including major and minor upgrades plus priority email support.


Licensing Definitions:

In addition to saving thousands over competing solutions, our licensing simplifies deployment and testing for your team. You need only purchase a license for each production web site or server where you wish to use .netCHARTING.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answers
I would like to use .netCHARTING for a single web site but the application is being developed on another site / server / workstation. Will we need to purchase additional licenses? No, you need only purchase a license for each production web site or production web server you wish to use the product on. Each license includes a free development license which allows you to use the product (branded not for production use) on any number of development systems.
I have noticed a slight change in the rendered chart image between licensed and unlicensed cases due to the footer. Can this be corrected? Yes. The dimensions of the final chart image will always be exactly what you provide (in pixels) however when the footer is removed the actual chart elements within the image can increase in size. If you would like the charts to draw in actual size as if the license was applied for your development environment you can set the Chart.OverLapFooter property to true.
If we purchase a single web site license will the license work on sub domains of our current domain, i.e SubDomain.Domain.Com? No, the license is domain specific and will work for YourDomain.com and www.YourDomain.com. A separate subdomain would require another web site license. Alternatively, we have a server license available which enables you to use the product on any number of sites / url's for one physical server.
Can I upgrade a web site license to a server license at a later time? Yes you can move from a single web site license to a full web server license for the difference in price between what you paid for the web site license and the current web server license price.
We wish to use .netCHARTING in an intranet environment, which license is appropriate? For an intranet environment if you have a valid domain such as intranet.yourdomain.com you can use a single web site license. For intranets where your users access your site through a server name, IP or other means or where you have multiple sites or different names a server license would be required.
Licensing for server farms or clusters.

For a server farm or clustered environment a license would be required for each node with active load. For example, with a 2 node cluster sharing load for a single url, 2 single web site licenses would be required. If a 3rd node was available as a hot spare with no active load there would be no additional charge to have .netCHARTING installed on that system.

For clustered servers hosting multiple URL's or using IP's / server names, single web server licenses would be required for each active node.


When you purchase .netCHARTING you are asked to provide your web site / server address. If you are purchasing a single site license, your license is bound to this address and allows for the product to work on this site only - licenses may not be transferred. After you purchase, the branding footer and watermark are removed for the site / server you licensed and you are also free to continue using the branded version for development & testing. Unlike the web site license which is domain specific and can not be changed, a server license can be used on another server so long as it is used on only 1 physical server at one time.

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