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Application Creation
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To create an application for a directory you should complete the following steps:


  1. Open the MMC (Microsoft Management Console) also called the Internet Services Management or commonly referred to as the IIS administration. 
    Windows XP Professional: Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management
    Node: Computer Management > Services and Applications > Internet Information Service > Web Sites > Default Website
  2. You will see a list of snap ins, one of which will be called Internet Information Server. Under this you will see your server name, select this server to view a list of sites running on the server 
  3. Select the site which contains the directory you wish to create an application on, expand the site listing and you will see a listing of all directories within the site. 
  4. Right click and select properties for the directory you wish to create an application for. The directory tab will open and If a directory is not yet created you will see an "application" in grey text and a create button. 
  5. Click the create button and an application will be created for the directory. 
  6. You are now complete and can close the MMC. 
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