.netCHARTING v10.5 Documentation
Minor Ticks


Minor axis ticks are used to divide scale intervals into smaller logical intervals. This can be done automatically or specified manually.


Smart Minor Ticks (Automatic)

Smart minor ticks will automatically determine a logical minor interval considering the scale's major intervals. For example, a time interval of three months will automatically place a minor tick for every month. To use this feature simply set an axis' SmartMinorTicks property to true.



Chart.XAxis.SmartMinorTicks = true;
[Visual Basic]

Chart.XAxis.SmartMinorTicks = True
Sample: AxisSmartMinorTicks.aspx
  • Smart minor ticks are only generated when the interval is determined automatically as opposed to explicitly specified .
  • If smart minor ticks are less than the specified Axis.MinimumInterval, they will not be generated.


Manual Minor Ticks

Minor tick intervals can be controlled through the following axis properties:


Minor Tick Manipulation

While minor ticks don't traditionally have labels or any special styling, in .netCHARTING terms it's just another axis tick. If needed, the minor ticks can have labels, extra long or thick lines etc. All the functionality of an axis tick is available to minor ticks. One difference is that minor ticks will not influence the grid with regards to alternating grid colors of an axis (AlternateGridBackground).


Sample: AxisMinorTicksTrick.aspx