.netCHARTING v10.5 Documentation
Mapping API

Mapping API

The supporting mapping API contains a number of classes and can be found under the dotnetCHARTING.Mapping namespace. The chart object contains the property: 'Chart.Mapping' which exposes all the chart mapping properties necessary to create maps.


The map layers and shapes are laid out in a manner similar to the chart series and element objects. This table demonstrates the relationships.

Mapping Charting
MapLayerCollection SeriesCollection
MapLayer Series
Shape Element


See Sample Mapping/IteratingShapes.aspx.


Map Layer 

The MapLayer object represents a shape file or ecw file and includes data retrieved from those files. Any number of layers can be added to a chart at a time. The object also exposes a number of properties to allow styling manipulation for shapes within a shape file.

The MapLayer provides a DefaultShape property which holds the default settings that will be applied to all shapes within the map layer.