.netCHARTING v10.5 Documentation


.netCHARTING mapping is a powerful GIS (Geographic Information Systems) tool that allows loading standard shape and (.ecw) files and rendering them in real time. The supporting API also allows dynamic styling of shapes based on data within the shape files as well as data retrieved from other databases.

For more information on GIS visit www.gis.com

Features Include:

  • ShapeFiles import
  • ECW file import
  • ECW Image caching
  • Shape Styling
  • Shape Group labeling and styling.
  • Shape file DataBinding
  • Map Smart Palette (Thematic Mapping)
  • Map Zooming
  • Lambert Conic and Mercator Projections


Shape Files (.shp)

Shape files are a standard GIS format created by ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc) that contains vector based geographical boundaries made up of individual shapes. Each shape may also include information and related statistical data similar to a DataTable found in a corresponding database (.dbf) file. The coordinates of these shapes are usually in longitude/latitude format which provides quick location reference for features such as zooming.

ECW Files (.ecw)

The ECW format is an image compression standard for GIS and other applications. These files contain images as well as real world boundary coordinates that pertain to the image, however, they do not store individual shapes or further information. Instead, they store an image such as a satellite shot of the earth. Because they do store relevant coordinates however, shape files can be layered on top of ecw files to create stunning map images with relevant geographical shapes and information.


Database File (.dbf)

The database file contains meta data on the shapes defined in the shapefile. For example, shape names, population or other data specific to a given shape.  A shape can represent a state, province, lake, road, river, city or marker locations like gas stations on a map.  Attribute data tells us more about those shapes such as sales, population, volumes etc.  In addition to data included with dbf files specific to a given shape file you can bind shapes to your own database.  For more details please see Mapping Data and Layers.


Using the ecw file format requires an additional DLLs besides 'dotnetcharting.dll'. They are included in the bundle with dotnetCHARTING.dll.

Simple Usage

Creating a simple map

In order to create a map, the ChartType.Map member of the ChartType enumeration must by specified for the chart. Then a shape or ecw file must be used as the map data source. This code snippet demonstrates simple usage loading a shape file called States.shp.


Chart.Type = ChartType.Map;
[Visual Basic]

Chart.Type = ChartType.Map

The following tutorials provide additional information about supported features and usage.