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An extensive suite of example scripts is included with the bundle which demonstrate how easy it is to use .netCHARTING. These samples use hard coded data in addition to an access database which includes 4000+ sample order records for the year of 2002/2003. The concept of a store was used for this demonstration, however, .netCHARTING can be used to chart any type of data, from any scenario, quickly and easily. With as few as 6 simple lines of script, you can have a complete, dynamic, multiple series chart pulled from your own database! Samples are also included that use a datatable directly, XML, and Excel. SQL server is also supported natively and any other databases can be used with the system by passing your datatable / dataset.

Samples are included with the .netCHARTING bundle and can be located in the /csharp and /vbnet directories in the following categories:

Samples from previous versions of .netCHARTING designed to work with the latest version

Feature specific samples, showing specific functionality in use.

Samples & Getting Data
The classic samples show a shortcut method of getting data. The features samples mostly generate dynamic data which simulates getting data using the dataEngine class. For more information on the DataEngine see this topic, and sample: dataEngine.aspx.

Gallery specific samples, showing different charting types with randomly generated data.

If you would like to see a specific sample added please email your request to info@dotnetcharting.com.

All the samples including code in c# and vb.net are also available at http://www.dotnetcharting.com/gallery/.
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