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The .netCHARTING Silverlight Navigator is a powerful and innovative new chart control which enables users to interact and explore data in real-time. Advancing significantly beyond the Ajax Zoomer and flash based solutions in use by the major financial websites, the .netCHARTING Navigator is a truly next generation real-time visualization solution. Combining the best of breed functionality from finance specific sites with major user interface enhancements, the .netCHARTING Silverlight Navigator supports a huge variety of chart types for use with your own data! Now you can leverage this powerful new real-time interface with your own companies data for sales, performance, traffic and more! The .netCHARTING Silverlight Navigator has undergone significant usability and comparison testing with offerings from the major financial web sites and has proven to be significantly more intuitive and powerful for casual and advanced users alike.



This section covers some of the basics about what the navigator is and what it can do.


User Interface
Describes the features available to the end user.


Programming Interface
Details programming interface available to control the chart on the server side as well as client side.

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