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Visual Studio Help Integration
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.netCHARTING supports dynamic help and IDE integrated documentation when working with Visual Studio .NET.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the .netCHARTING Help for Visual Studio zip file (dncVShelp.zip) from http://www.dotnetcharting.com/documentation/vCurrent/dncVShelp.zip.
  2. Unzip dncVShelp.zip to a permanent location of your choice, for example C:\Program Files\dncVShelp\
  3. Double-click on either  'Install for VS 2005', 'Install for VS 2003' or 'Install for VS 2002'
    batch files depending on which visual studio version you're using.
  4. Double-click on the '.netCHARTING Help' shortcut from the install location provided in step 2 to confirm the help integration completed successfully.

    If visual studio does not show the .netCHARTING help topics in step 4 please complete the following additional steps:
  5. In Visual Studio, click on Tools > Options. Click on the Environment > Help node.
  6. In the 'Preferred Collection' drop down, select "Visual Studio .NET Combined Help Collection.


TIP: You can copy the .netCHARTING Help Shortcut from the dncSVhelp folder and place it on your desktop for quick access to .netCHARTING help documentation.


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