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dotnetCHARTING.Mapping Namespace
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ClassGroup Represents a single or multiple conditions that are used to group shapes within a map layer. This object is used with MapLayer.Groups.
ClassGroupCollection Contains a collection of Group objects.
ClassGroupConditionCollection Contains a collection of conditions.
ClassMapDataEngine Acquires a MapLayer from a file.
ClassMapLayer Represents a layer on the map. Either an ecw file (.ecw) image, or a shape file (.shp) collection of shapes including data the shape file contains.
ClassMapLayerCollection Contains a collection of MapLayer objects.
ClassMapping Encapsulates properties associated with mapping. These properties are used only when using a map chart: (Chart.Type = ChartType.Map).
ClassProjection Represents a Projection type used for projected rendering of maps.
ClassShape Represents a shape within a MapLayer. Shapes are automatically generated using shapefiles.
ClassShapeCollection Contains a collection of Shape objects.


EnumerationProjectionType Defines a type of projection used for rendering maps.

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