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ClientScriptProxy Class Members
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dotnetCHARTING.Zoomer Namespace : ClientScriptProxy Class

The following tables list the members exposed by ClientScriptProxy.

Public Properties

Public Propertystatic (Shared in Visual Basic)Current Current instance of this class which should always be used to access this object. There are no public constructors to ensure the reference is used as a Singleton to further ensure that all scripts are written to the same clientscript manager.  
Public PropertyIsMsAjax Determines if MsAjax is available in this Web application  

Public Methods

Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)CheckForMsAjax Checks to see if MS Ajax is registered with the current Web application.  
Public MethodGetWebResourceUrl Returns a WebResource URL for non script resources  
Public MethodRegisterClientScriptBlock Registers a client script block in the page.  
Public MethodRegisterClientScriptInclude Registers a script include tag into the page for an external script url  
Public MethodRegisterClientScriptResource Returns a WebResource or ScriptResource URL for script resources that are to be embedded as script includes.  
Public MethodRegisterHiddenField Injects a hidden field into the page  
Public MethodRegisterStartupScript Registers a startup code snippet that gets placed at the bottom of the page  

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