ODBC Database Support


What is the extent of support for DB2, Sybase and other databases accessible via ODBC?


Such databases are currently supported with with .netCHARTING by passing a DataSet or any of the following data objects to the DataEngine.Data or Chart.Data Properties.

  • DataSet
  • DataTable
  • DataView

When version 2.0 of the .NET framework is released .netCHARTING will follow with a version that natively supports ODBC. Meaning, you will be able to obtain data for numerous ODBC compliant databases automatically using DataEngine.ConnectionString and DataEngine.SqlStatement properties. At that time two separate versions of .netCHARTING will be maintained, one for .NET framework version 1.0 and another for 2.0.

See the help file dotnetcharting.chm (included with the downloadable bundle) Getting Started > Data Tutorials > Connecting to data for more information on connecting to different databases.  You may also wish to examine the datatable.aspx, dataset.aspx and dataview.aspx feature samples included in the bundle.

Posted Monday, March 22, 2004 by Support