.netCHARTING Professional Certification Details

Certification Benefits

  • A personalized, framed, certificate and seal recognizing your DNCP accreditation.
  • Licensed usage of the DNCP Certification logo for your site and CV.
  • Prominent listing and profile on the .netCHARTING web site developer profile page.
  • Early access to prerelease software, samples and documentation.
  • Not for production development licenses of .netCHARTING Enterprise Edition (both web site and web server versions).
  • Direct developer access and priority support incidents through a DNCP specific address.

Certification Costs

  • For those that pass the certification exam on the first attempt, there is no cost.
  • The exam registration fee is $100 USD and is fully refunded after a passing grade is achieved on first writing.

Certification Process

  • Familiarize yourself with .netCHARTING by working with the free developer version. Read the included documentation and review the provided samples. You should be very familiar and comfortable working with .netCHARTING before you book an examination.
  • Book your examination, you will be contacted via telephone for confirmation.
  • Pay your exam fee, fully refunded on successful completion.
  • Sign and return the exam agreement. This agreement stipulates that you will not share or discuss the exam contents with any third party and that it will be completed, without assistance, by you, the registered applicant.
  • Write the exam in your own development environment, using the tools and systems you work with on a daily basis.
  • Submit your exam code within the exams allotted timeframe.
  • Your exam will be graded within 3 business days and certification issued on successful completion.
  • Exams may be taken a maximum of 3 times and different questions will be assigned on each attempt.
  • Passing grade on first attempt: 80%, second attempt 85%, third attempt 90%

Examination Details

  • The exam consists of a number of chart images you must replicate and submit the code which generates the replicated image.
  • You can have access to all development tools you would regularly use including Visual Studio.NET, documentation, online resources, .netCHARTING samples and more. The goal is not to have you memorize specific syntax but to demonstrate a comprehensive familiarity with the .netCHARTING product.
  • Exams are randomly created from a pool of chart images and each image has a fixed time for completion. Total exam time is determined by summing the time for all chart images included in your exam.

Examination Guide

The .netCHARTING examination covers the complete range of features and usage scenarios for .netCHARTING Enterprise Edition including, but not limited to:

  • Dynamic Data Acquisition: Creating charts from databases, xml, excel spreadsheets, data tables and other sources.
  • Charting Types: Creating charts of differing types for specific needs and populating the appropriate data properties / fields.
  • Series Types: Utilizing specific series types and charts with multiple types
  • Customizing Element Appearance: controlling all aspects of individual elements on the chart
  • Empty Elements: customization of empty elements
  • Calculations: Calculated elements, series and series collections.
  • Line Customization: customizing all aspects of lines used throughout the chart
  • Label Adjustments: customizing all aspects of labels used throughout the chart
  • Box Usage: legend and title box usage and customization.
  • Area Customization: Chart area options and usage
  • Markers: Manipulating markers in use with elements, series, legends and more
  • Annotations: Creating and customizing annotations
  • Axis Markers: Creating and customizing axis markers
  • Template System: Customizing returned data using templates and binding specific data sources for obtaining template data
  • You should be familiar with obtaining data from databases and writing SQL queries.

We thank you for your interest in the .netCHARTING Professional Certification. If you have any questions or comments please email dncp@dotnetcharting.com