.netCHARTING Enterprise Edition


From your own database, to the web, to your report - in seconds! 

.netCHARTING Enterprise Edition offers a complete solution for online, offline and distributed charting. When a chart is dynamically tied to your database it is always up to date, for example, sales associates could obtain the year to date sales figures including sales processed only minutes ago! Ideal for both internet and intranet use, .netCHARTING Enterprise Edition's flexible licensing allows for unlimited CPU's, users, and client access with no incremental charges.

1) Generate a chart in real-time from your own database

2) Open Word / Excel or another program where you wish to include your chart.

3) Simply drag and drop the chart from your web browser into your document.

4) Print for outstanding results in black and white or stunning color! You could just as easily send the document electronically via email or provide a web address to view the chart directly .