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CleanupPeriod Property
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dotnetCHARTING Namespace > Chart Class : CleanupPeriod Property

Gets or sets the number of minutes images are stored in the TempDirectory folder before they are deleted.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Property CleanupPeriod As Integer
Visual Basic (Usage)Copy Code
Dim instance As Chart
Dim value As Integer
instance.CleanupPeriod = value
value = instance.CleanupPeriod
public int CleanupPeriod {get; set;}


C#Copy Code
//delete old files every 30 minutes
Chart.CleanupPeriod = 30;
Visual BasicCopy Code
'delete old files every 30 minutes
Chart.CleanupPeriod = 30


When .netCHARTING renders a chart a temporary file is created in the directory set by the TempDirectory property. The CleanUpPeriod property determines how frequently (in minutes) this directory is cleaned by deleting old temporary files. The default is 15 minutes and the property can be set to 0 in order to disable the cleanup in which case temp files are not automatically deleted.

Any files that start with 'dnc-' will be deleted in the temp directory.

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