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ClassAnnotation Encapsulates a Box object with a position, data source, and hot spot functionality.
ClassAnnotationCollection Contains a collection of Annotation objects.
ClassAxis Represents an axis drawn on a ChartArea.
ClassAxis.ScaleSync An extension to the Axis.SynchronizeScale property. Defines the scale synchronization behavior of an axis.
ClassAxis.TimeScaleLabelInfo Encapsulates time scale label behavior options in addition to axis ticks and format strings used instead of the main axis ticks when they represent particular instances in time.
ClassAxisCollection Contains a collection of Axis objects.
ClassAxisLineBreaks Encompases axis line breaks options that produce gaps in the line at axisTick positions.
ClassAxisMarker Defines styles and positions used to mark a specified section or point on an axis.
ClassAxisMarkerCollection Contains a collection of AxisMarker objects.
ClassAxisTick Encapsulates an axis tick that includes Label or ElementMarker, TickLine, and GridLine styling objects.
ClassAxisTickCollection Contains a collection of AxisTick objects.
ClassBackground Defines styling properties used to fill the interior of polygons and chart elements such as legend boxes, annotations and other shapes.
ClassBox Defines a base class for derived objects such as Chart.TitleBox, Chart.LegendBox, and Annotation.
ClassBoxHeaderOptions Represents a box header with options that control its layout, styling, and contents.
ClassCalendarPattern Specifies a calendar pattern such as weekends in a week.
ClassChart The .netCHARTING control.
ClassChartArea Represents an area on which series and elements are plotted.
ClassChartAreaCollection Contains a collection of ChartArea objects.
ClassChartAreaLayout Encapsulates a set of options that control the layout of multiple chart areas in a single chart image.
ClassDataEngine Acquires and manipulates data from databases or other sources, then creates a SeriesCollection which is consumed by the chart control.
ClassDataSource Represents a single or related set of .netCHARTING data-based objects that specify a data source used to parse tokens and populate custom legend boxes with LegendEntry objects.
ClassElement Represents a element object or data point on the chart.
ClassElementCollection Contains a collection of Element objects.
ClassElementMarker Defines a graphical object with a specified shape, size, and color or an image used to mark and identify Element objects.
ClassEmptyElement Defines the behavior and appearance of empty elements for a given Series.
ClassFileManager Facilitates saving bitmap images and cleanup.
ClassFinancialEngine Provides a set of methods that perform financial analysis of series and series collections.
ClassFinancialEngine.Options Defines a set of static options used with FinancialEngine calculations.
ClassForecastEngine Provides a set of methods that find the best fit curve of a data set.
ClassForecastEngine.Advanced This class contains advanced methods for calculating the best fitting curve of a data set. It allows the user to construct his own function.
ClassForecastEngine.Options Defines a set of static options used with FinancialEngine calculations.
ClassHotspot Represents a hotspot on the image and provides events such as tool tips and redirect URL when clicked.
ClassHotspot.HtmlAttribute Encapsulates a number of pre-defined javascript actions and their values.
ClassHotspot.HtmlAttributes Encapsulates a set of html event attributes and their values.
ClassHotspotCollection Contains a collection of Hotspot objects.
ClassJSMapping Encompasses options for JS Mapping.
ClassJsOptions Contains the public API definitions for options that control JavaScript chart features and behavior.
ClassJsOptions.JsButtons Defines the export and print button options for JavaScript charts.
ClassJsOptions.JsCalendar Encompasses options for the JS calendar chart type.
ClassJsOptions.JsCalendarFilter Represents a JS calendar filter used to define rules such as weekends, or more complicated rules similar to how dates of national holidays are determined. Calendar filters can also represent complex time intervals such as first weekend of every month. Setting filter property value to "*" indicates an interval at that time span. For example month="*" means every month. Only one property can have an asterisk. To represent every 3 months this configuration can be used: month="*"; every=3; When using options such as year="1/1/2020" the year value is evaluated using the same function applied to dates being tested and is equivalent to year="2020"
ClassJsOptions.JsHighlight Options that define a calendar filter and styling used to highlight a grouping of points.
ClassJsOptions.LanguageStringSettings Defines the language string options for JavaScript charts.
ClassLabel Represents a label containing text, a font, color, and other options.
ClassLabelAlignmentCollection Contains a collection of LabelAlignment objects.
ClassLabelOverrideCollection Contains a collection of LabelOverride objects.
ClassLegendBox Encapsulates a collection of LegendEntry objects.
ClassLegendBoxCollection Contains a collection of LegendBox objects.
ClassLegendEntry Represents an entry in the legend box.
ClassLegendEntryCollection Contains a collection of LegendEntry objects.
ClassListCollection A list dictionary variation that allows adding items of the string type using a string.
ClassNavigatorOptions Contains the definition for options that control the navigator features and behavior.
ClassNavigatorOptions.NavigationBarOptions Defines the navigation bar at the top of a navigator chart.
ClassParameter Represents an SQL parameter to use with a StoredProcedure.
ClassParameterCollection Contains a collection of Parameter objects.
ClassScaleRange Represents a value or range of values on an axis scale. Values can be numeric, DateTime, and string types.
ClassScaleRangeCollection Contains a collection of ScaleRange objects.
ClassSeries Encapsulates a group of elements.
ClassSeriesCollection Contains a collection of Series objects.
ClassShadow Represents a shadow cast by chart objects such as a Box, Annotation, and others.
ClassShapeLabelCollection Contains a collection of Label objects.
ClassSmartColor Defines a SmartColor object that can be used applied to elements or series conditionally based on specific names or elements with values which fall within a specified range.
ClassSmartLabel Encapsulates a Label object with advanced alignment and collision detection options.
ClassSmartPalette Contains collection of SmartPalette objects or dictionary like items of string and color pairs where strings refer to series or element names and colors that are assigned to series or elements with those names.
ClassStatisticalEngine Provides a set of methods that perform statistical analysis of series and series collections.
ClassStatisticalEngine.Options Defines a set of static options used with StatisticalEngine calculations.
ClassSubValue Represents a value relative to or independent of the parent element's value.
ClassSubValueCollection Contains a collection of SubValue objects.
ClassTimeIntervalAdvanced Represents a time interval and instant at which it occurs.
ClassTimeIntervalCollection Contains a collection of TimeInterval objects.
ClassTruncation Defines properties used to shorten long labels.
ClassView3D Contains properties that control the 3D view angles and options when used with surface charts.
ClassViewport An extension to the ViewRange property. Defines the visible scale range or zoom range when using AJAX scrolling. Setting the properties of this class allows zooming the chart programatically.


StructureLabelOverride Defines a string find and replace pair used by Axis objects to manipulate tick labels.



EnumerationBackgroundMode Specifies a background drawing mode.
EnumerationBoxCapStyle Specifies the available box cap styles. These caps can be used with box header StartCap and EndCap properties.
EnumerationBoxCorner Specifies a box edge style.
EnumerationCalculation Specifies a calculation to be performed on a series or series collection.
EnumerationChartAreaLayoutMode Specifies the positioning behavior of multiple chart areas on a single chart image.
EnumerationChartAreaNavigationOptions Specifies the navigation options of chart areas in the navigator.
EnumerationChartType Represents the chart type of a chart.
EnumerationDataProviderType Specifies a database type.
EnumerationDataSourceType Specifies a DataSource type to split the parent DataSource into.
EnumerationEdgeAlignment Specifies the alignment of an object in relation to an objects side.
EnumerationElementMarkerType Built in element marker icons.
EnumerationElementValue Specifies a value of an element.
EnumerationEmptyElementMode Specifies how empty elements are handled.
EnumerationFieldType Specifies a database field data type.
EnumerationGaugeBorderShape Specifies the gauge border shape used on gauges.
EnumerationGaugeLabelMode Specifies the circular gauge axis labeling mode.
EnumerationGaugeLinearStyle Specifies the linear gauge type.
EnumerationGaugeNeedleType Specifies the gauge needle type used on circular gauges.
EnumerationGaugeType Specifies the gauge type when using ChartType.Gauges or ChartType.Multiple with SeriesTypeMultiple.Gauge.
EnumerationHatchStylePalette Specifies a pre-defined hatch style palette.
EnumerationImageFormat Specifies file save format.
EnumerationJsOptions.CalendarView Specifies a JS calendar chart type view.
EnumerationLabelAlignment Specifies alignment of a label.
EnumerationLabelType Specifies the label type used with labels.
EnumerationLegendBoxPosition Specifies the position of the legend box.
EnumerationLegendEntryHeaderMode Specifies a header mode for element entries.
EnumerationLimitMode Controls the type of limitation in Limit or SplitByLimit properties.
EnumerationLoadingAnimation Specifies a predefined loading animation.
EnumerationOrientation Specifies the orientation of an object.
EnumerationPalette Specifies a pre-defined palette.
EnumerationPieLabelMode Specifies pie label behavior.
EnumerationPreviewAreaNavigationOptions Specifies the navigation options of the navigators preview area.
EnumerationRadarLabelMode Specifies how tick labels behave on a radar graph.
EnumerationRadarMode Specifies the behavior of the x axis on a circular graph such as radar.
EnumerationScale Indicates the scale of an axis.
EnumerationScaleBreakStyle Specifies how a scale break is drawn on a chart.
EnumerationSeriesType Specifies how a series will be shown on the chart.
EnumerationSeriesTypeFinancial Specifies how a financial series will be shown on the chart.
EnumerationSeriesTypeMultiple Specifies how a multiple chart type series will be shown on the chart.
EnumerationSeriesTypeSurface Specifies how a surface series type will be shown on the chart.
EnumerationShadingEffectMode Specifies a shading mode.
EnumerationShapeType Specifies how a shape bubble will be drawn.
EnumerationSilverlightInstall Defines options used to handle Silverlight plugin installation.
EnumerationSubValueType Specifies the how a sub value is drawn.
EnumerationSynchronizeScaleMode Specifies an axis scale synchronization mode between two or more axes.
EnumerationTickLabelMode Specifies how tick labels are laid out.
EnumerationTimeInterval Specifies a time interval.
EnumerationTimeScaleLabelMode Specifies the single value time label automation mode.
EnumerationTimeScaleLabelRangeMode Specifies the range value time label automation mode.
EnumerationTitleBoxPosition Specifies the title box position.
EnumerationTruncationMode Specifies how to trim characters from a string that exceeds a maximum number of characters.

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