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AxisTick Class
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Encapsulates an axis tick that includes Label or ElementMarker, TickLine, and GridLine styling objects.

Object Model


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Class AxisTick 
   Inherits ScaleRange
   Implements IInstanceID 
Visual Basic (Usage)Copy Code
Dim instance As AxisTick
public class AxisTick : ScaleRange, IInstanceID  


AxisTick objects can appear in three different ways.

  • Normal axis tick with a label.
  • AxisTick where the label is replaced with the AxisTick.Marker object (Icon or Image).
  • Range AxisTick in which case the tick has a low and high value.

AxisTick objects can also be used in different ways.

  • As an additional axis tick.
  • To override a tick on an axis.
  • To override multiple ticks on an axis.

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