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NavigatorOptions Class Members
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dotnetCHARTING Namespace : NavigatorOptions Class

The following tables list the members exposed by NavigatorOptions.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorNavigatorOptions ConstructorCreates an instance of the NavigatorOptions object.  

Public Properties

Public PropertyAnimationDurationGets or sets the global animation duration in milliseconds. This applies to all animations between ranges on the x axis.  
Public PropertyControlIDGets or sets the ID of the silverlight plugin tag generated on the HTML page. Setting this property provides a reference to the silverlight plugin from within the page using JavaScript.  
Public PropertyDownlevelUrl Redirect to the provided URL the end user does not have Silverlight installed. This property works with SilverlightInstall.  
Public PropertyEnableBrowserStatusHelpGets or sets a value that indicates whether the status bar displays a help messages.  
Public PropertyEnableCellVisualCuesGets or sets a value that determines whether cells smaller than the axis ticks are used in the chart area axis.  
Public PropertyEnabledGets or sets a value that determines whether the navigator is enabled.  
Public PropertyEnableMouseTrackingGets or sets a value that indicates whether the mouse is tracked.  
Public PropertyEnablePreviewAreaChartGets or sets a value that indicates whether an image of the first chart area shown in the preview area.  
Public PropertyEnableWindowlessMode Gets or sets a value that determines whether the Navigator displays as a windowless plug-in.  
Public PropertyEnableXScrollbarGets or sets a value that determines if the horizontal scrollbar is enabled.  
Public PropertyGenerateImagePreview Gets or sets a value that determines whether an image of the chart is generated on the server to display while the Navigator chart is loading.  
Public PropertyLoadingAnimation Gets or sets the LoadingAnimation type that displays while the client-side chart is loading.  
Public PropertyLoadingTextOverride Gets or sets single string which can have three different strings separated by a '|' character. The downloading string can contain the token "Percentage" which will be replaced with the percent downloaded when the chart is loading. The default setting isPercentage)|Loading"  
Public PropertyNavigationBarGets or sets the navigation bar settings and options.  
Public PropertyPreviewAreaHeightGets or sets a value that determines the height of the preview area in pixels.  
Public PropertyPreviewAreaNavigationOptonsGets or sets the PreviewAreaNavigationOption enum flags that specify navigation options for the preview area.  
Public PropertySilverlightInstallGets or sets the SilverlightInstall behavior when the end user does not have Silverlight installed.  
Public PropertySilverlightInstallMessageGets or sets a message used when suggesting the Silverlight plugin installation.  
Public PropertySilverlightInstallWarningGets or sets a message shown when the Silverlight plugin is not installed and a static chart image is used.  
Public PropertyZoomLimitGets or sets an object that determines the zoom limit. The object can be a TimeSpan, TimeInterval, or TimeIntervalAdvanced for time scales and Number for numeric and category scales.  

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