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GetProcessedDataTable(String,Boolean) Method
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dotnetCHARTING Namespace > SeriesCollection Class > GetProcessedDataTable Method : GetProcessedDataTable(String,Boolean) Method

Returns a DataTable of processed data.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public Overloads Function GetProcessedDataTable( _
   ByVal tokenTemplate As String, _
   ByVal transposeData As Boolean _
) As DataTable
Visual Basic (Usage)Copy Code
Dim instance As SeriesCollection
Dim tokenTemplate As String
Dim transposeData As Boolean
Dim value As DataTable
value = instance.GetProcessedDataTable(tokenTemplate, transposeData)
public DataTable GetProcessedDataTable( 
   string tokenTemplate,
   bool transposeData



Return Value

Returns a data table of the processed data.
Returns a data table of the processed data.


The follwoing sample, get a data table and displays with a datagrid. For complete sample see features/PostDataProcessing.aspx
C#Copy Code
//This line should add in Page_Load method
Chart.PostDataProcessing +=new PostDataProcessingEventHandler(OnPostDataProcessing);

//The method handling the PostDataProcessing event
void OnPostDataProcessing(Object sender)
   DataTable dt = Chart.SeriesCollection.GetProcessedDataTable(
   chartdatagrid.DataSource =
new DataView(dt);

Visual BasicCopy Code
'This line should add in Page_Load method
AddHandler Chart.PostDataProcessing, AddressOf OnPostDataProcessing

'The method handling the PostDataProcessing event
Sub OnPostDataProcessing(sender As [Object])
   Dim dt As DataTable = Chart.SeriesCollection.GetProcessedDataTable("%YValue", True)
   chartdatagrid.DataSource = New DataView(dt)
End Sub 'OnPostDataProcessing


This method usually called in PostDataProcessing event handler method when data generated dynamically from a database. Then, the datatable can be displayed with dataGrid or other controls.

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