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TotalElements Property
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dotnetCHARTING Namespace > Series Class : TotalElements Property

Return the total number of elements in the elements collection. This property usually used in conjunction with Limit.


Visual Basic (Declaration) 
Public ReadOnly Property TotalElements As Integer
Visual Basic (Usage)Copy Code
Dim instance As Series
Dim value As Integer
value = instance.TotalElements
public int TotalElements {get;}


C#Copy Code
int pageSize=3;
int totalPage = Chart.Total%pageSize==0?Chart.Total/pageSize:(Chart.Total/pageSize)+1;
//Display "Next" button.
Visual BasicCopy Code
Dim pageSize As Integer = 3
Dim totalPage As Integer = Chart.Total / pageSize;
If Chart.Total Mod pageSize > 0 Then
totalPage = totalPage + 1)
End If
If totalPage > currentPage Then
'Display "Next" button.
End If

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