Gallery > Box Styling

  • JS Box Corners
    Demonstrates Applying box corner styling to different chart elements.
  • JS Annotations
    Demonstrates using arbitrary annotations on a chart.
  • Box Header Designer
    Demonstrates usage of the box header properties and code to generate them.
  • Box Header Styles
    Demonstrates several box header styling ideas.
  • Box Header Styles 2
    Demonstrates several more box header styling ideas.
  • Header Cap Styles
    Demonstrates the available header cap styles.
  • Box Corner Styling
    Demonstrates a number box corner stylin options.
  • Legend Box Header 2
    Demonstrates using box headers on the legend box.
  • Background Box
    Demonstrates using the chart background box.
  • Box Styling
    Demonstrates a number of background styling options which used to fill boxes and other objects.
  • Element Annotation Header
    Demonstrates using an annotation with a header on elements.
  • Box Header Orientation
    Demonstrates box header orientation settings.
  • Box Header Ribbon Styles
    Demonstrates several box header styling ideas.
  • Multi Color Gradient
    Demonstrates using multi-color gradients.
  • Shadow Expansion
    Demonstrates the shadow expansion feature.