Gallery > Classic

  • Bubble
    Demonstrates 2 series using the bubble type.
  • Bubble Date Time
    Demonstrates 1 series using the bubble type (x Axis date time)
  • Cluster
    Demonstrates use of the cluster property, formatting the y axis, and setting data manually through Series.Data.
  • Items 1
    Item sales for a day (March 10,2002) with grouping by 'day/hour'.
  • Items 2
    Item sales for a day (March 10,2002) with setting DateTimeFormat with Adding a derived sum series and setting ShowValues for the series elements.
  • Items 3
    Item sales for year 2002 by month with cylinder graph type. Added a derived average series with dot graph type and set DotType to Triangle.
  • Items 4
    Item sales for January 2002 by Weeks, split by customer showing top 5 customers and grouping all others together and demonstrates how to set fonts and colors on pies.
  • Items 5
    Item sales for Jan-Jun of 2002, as stacked graph. You can pass query string 'palette=2' (0-4) to set the palette, otherwise refresh the browser to set RandomPalette to true and see a new random palette each time.
  • Items 6
    Item sales for Jan-Jun of 2002, as a MultiPies graph. There is no date grouping used in this sample. 6 independent series are added to the series collection. All series Split By customer without any limitations. TitleBoxPosition set to 'Full' and LegendType is set to 'WithValues'.
  • Manual Settings
    Demonstrates programmatically adding 2 series and charting the result.
  • Orders 1
    Orders report for one week by days with 'Bar' type and Transpose set to true.
  • Orders 2
    Orders report by customers with Line graph type (set LineWidth2D to 8) and set Use3D to false (shows 2D).
  • Orders 3
    Orders report by customers with different background, font and size settings.
  • Orders 4
    Orders report for 5 top customers and others grouped together including a derived sum series.
  • Orders 6
    Orders for second quarter of 2002, with bar full-stacked chart type.
  • Sales 1
    Sales of first 20 days of January 2002 by days. Label settings with font and color options.
  • Sales 2
    Sales of January 2002 by weeks split by customers with legend property settings.
  • Sales 3
    Comparing sales for Jan vs. Feb 2002 by days using ColumnFullStacked.
  • Sales 4
    Sales for 2002, adding elements: Max, Min, Sum, Average, Mode, Median. Set scale and decimal points for values.
  • Sales 5
    Sales for 2002 with sum and average series.
  • Sales 6
    Sales for Feb-Jun by months and split by customers.
  • Sales 7
    Sales by customer for second quarter of 2002 with MultiRadars graph type and set Limit and Transparency.
  • Sample
    A form based sample which demonstrates manipulating chart settings through a web interface. This sample shows the power and flexibility of .netCHARTING, however, if you are just familiarizing yourself with the product it is best to examine the source of other, less complex, samples.
  • Scatter
    Demonstrates a single series with the scatter type and how to bind table fields to chart axis.