Gallery > Legend Box

  • JS Legend Header Styling
    Demonstrates legendbox header label in JSC.
  • JS AxisMarkerLE
    Demonstrates customizing an axisMarker's legend entry.
  • JS Element Legend Entry
    Demonstrates adding a specific element to the legend.
  • JS Legend Custom Entries
    S using custom legend entries.
  • JS Legend Header
    Demonstrates how to activate the main header entry for a legend box.
  • JS Legend Template
    How specify legend columns.
  • JS Legend Title Layout
    Demonstrates positioning the legendbox next to the chart title box automatically.
  • JS Legend Title Styling
    Demonstrates title and legendBox styling.
  • LegendBox-Trick1
    Use a new line character to show a thinner legend box.
  • Legend Box
    Demonstrates all of the properties of the legend box.
  • Legend Box Absolute
    Use absolute positioning with a legend box.
  • Legend Box Custom
    S using a custom legend entry with additional custom columns.
  • Legend Box Custom Header
    Advanced legend entry header features.
  • Legend Box Data Source
    Populate custom legend boxes automatically with series data.
  • Legend Box Element
    Use a legend box to refer to particular elements.
  • Legend Box Element 2
    Use the legend box to describe the 'other' element.
  • Legend Box Entry Template
    Demonstrates how to use templates and setting tool tips and hyper links for legend box entries.
  • Legend Box Header
    Activate the main header entry for a legend box.
  • Legend Box Multiple
    How multiple chart areas can have their data placed in separate legend boxes.
  • Legend Box Title
    How the title box can contain legend entries.
  • Invisible Legend Entry
    Demonstrates making the original legend entries invisible and adding 3 custom legend entries.
  • Align Legend To Chart
    Demonstrates how the legend box can be aligned to the chart area dynamically.
  • Legend Column Alignment
    Demonstrates setting the alignment of columns of a LegendBox.
  • Legend Custom Icons
    Demonstrates using different series type legend icons.
  • Legend Box Absolute Sizing
    Demonstrates how to specify a legend box size and position.
  • Legend Box Size
    Demonstrates specifying a static size for a LegendBox.
  • Legend Custom Image Entry
    Demonstrates how to replace a series legend entry with a different one using a custom image.
  • Legend Line Details
    Demonstrates how to make spline legend entries reflect the line style in the legend box.
  • Legend With Data For Series
    Demonstrates how element values can be inserted into the legend box beside the series.
  • Legend Multiple Icons
    Demonstrates using multiple icons in the legend through the legend entry value property.
  • Embedded Legend Charts
    Demonstrates embedding dynamic chart images inside a legendbox.
  • Legend Autowrap
    Demonstrates using the autowrap feature with legend entries.
  • Legend Bullet
    Demonstrates adding a bullet microChart into a legend box value column.
  • Legend Charts
    Demonstrates adding a bullet microChart into a legend box value column and use a scale MicroChart for the column head.
  • Legend Columns
    Demonstrates adding a column microChart into a legend box value column.
  • Legend Header Tokens
    Demonstrates using series collection tokens in the legendbox header label.
  • Legend Sparklines
    Demonstrates adding a sparkline microChart into a legend box value column.
  • Legend In ChartArea
    Demonstrates drawing the legend inside the chart area.
  • Legend Header Styling
    Demonstrates legendbox header usage.
  • Legend Ribbon
    Demonstrates using header ribbon caps with the legend and annotations.