Gallery > Maps Charts

  • JS Us Counties Map
    Demonstrates how to use external topoJSON and data files to generate a US counties choropleth map.
  • JS Map With Pies
    Demonstrates a map with pie microcharts.
  • JS UnemploymentRateUS
    Demonstrates a dashboard with a map and grid with microchart sparklines.
  • JS Mapping
    Demonstrates a basic js map.Chart.
  • JS Mapping Africa
    Demonstrates a basic map of africa.Chart.
  • JS Mapping Asia
    Demonstrates a basic map of asia.Chart.
  • JS Mapping Base Layers
    Demonstrates base layers as mapping backround for context.Chart.
  • JS Mapping Bubble Thematic
    Demonstrates using a bubble series on maps leveraging a point geoJSON map file.Chart.
  • JS Mapping Context
    Demonstrates base layers as mapping backround for context.Chart.
  • JS Mapping Data Index
    Demonstrates all the available maps.Chart.
  • JS Mapping Dynamic
    Demonstrates loading maps dynamically through JS.Chart.
  • JS Mapping East Coast
    Demonstrates a basic regional map with context.Chart.
  • JS Mapping Election
    Demonstrates a thmatic election map. Chart.
  • JS Mapping Lines
    Demonstrates adding line series to maps.Chart.
  • JS Mapping Momentary Zoom
    Demonstrates momentary zoom functionality with JS.Chart.
  • JS Mapping Thematic Partial
    Demonstrates a thematic map with only select elements being counted.Chart.
  • JS Mapping World
    This sample a map of world countries.
  • JS Mapping World Proj
    Demonstrates a world map with series for each continent.Chart.
  • JS Mapping Zoom To
    Demonstrates zooming the chart using map codes.Chart.
  • JS MappingZoomUI
    Demonstrates controlling the map zoom/pan using JS functions.
  • Mapping Earth ecw
    Loading earth.ecw file.
  • Mapping World ecw
    Loading world.ecw file.
  • Mapping United
    Loading United States shape file.
  • Mapping Europe
    Loading Europe shape file.
  • Mapping Asia
    Loading Asia shape file.
  • Mapping World
    Loading World shape file.
  • Mapping
    Election 2004 results by states.
  • Import Shapefile Data
    Demonstrates loading a shapefile map.
  • Iterating Shapes
    Demonstrates iterating a layer of shape files.
  • Load Ecw File
    Demonstrates demonstrates loading an ecw file.
  • Load Shapefile
    Demonstrates demonstrates loading a shapefile map.
  • Map Smart Palette
    Demonstrates thematic mapping using smart colors.
  • Projections
    Demonstrates the different available projections for map rendering.
  • Shape Grouping
    Demonstrates shape grouping functionality including the group label.
  • Shape Styling
    Demonstrates styling of shapefile shapes.
  • Zooming
    Demonstrates zooming based on latitude and longitude.
  • Simple Map
    Demonstrates a simple map in 3 lines of code.
  • View Attributes
    Demonstrates how View available attributes for a given shape file.
  • Projections Image Layer
    Demonstrates different projections available for map rendering along with and ecw image layer.
  • Marker Styling
    Demonstrates how to set different marker style properties based on cities' population and state capital.
  • Shape With Legend
    Demonstrates how to add a legend box for the shapes.
  • Add Map Point
    Demonstrates adding a point onto the map programmatically.
  • Map Hotspots
    Demonstrates using hotspots to display tooltip information about map shapes.
  • Map Legend
    Demonstrates using a legend with maps.
  • Map Legend 2
    Demonstrates a variation of using a legend with maps.
  • Click Map
    Demonstrates adding a point to the chart based on lat/long coordinates of the click.
  • Click Map Projected
    Demonstrates adding a point to a projected map based on lat/long coordinates of the click.
  • Click Map Zoom
    Demonstrates how to zoom into a map, based on a click position using lat/long coordinates..
  • Identify Shape
    Demonstrates getting and setting the properties of a shape on a map based on a click position.
  • POIMap
    Demonstrates adding points of interest icons onto a map based on GPS coordinates.
  • Map Label Once
    Demonstrates a map labeling feature that does not allow multiple labels a single country with multiple areas (Compare to MapLabelOptions)
  • Map Label Options
    Demonstrates map related labeling option.
  • Map Add Line
    Demonstrates manually adding lines to a map.
  • Map USProjection
    Demonstrates commonly used projections.
  • Map World Palette
    Demonstrates using a palette for a layer and zooming.
  • Map World Regions
    Demonstrates multiple shape grouping.
  • Map Zoomer
    Demonstrates using the AJAX zoomer with maps.
  • Map Click Info
    Demonstrates using hotspots and annotations with manually added map points.
  • Map Shape Info
    Demonstrates adding annotations to selected shapes showing more details.
  • Map Shape Rich Tooltips
    Demonstrates adding rich tooltips with details and microCharts for map shapes.
  • Mapping Range Colors
    Demonstrates using range colors with maps.