Gallery > Surface Type Tweaks

  • Surface Axis Custom Ticks
    Demonstrates using custom axis ticks with a 3D surface chart.
  • Surface Axis Invert Scale
    Demonstrates using an inverted scale.
  • Surface Axis Labels
    Demonstrates how labels can be used on axes with surface charts.
  • Surface Axis Log Scale
    Demonstrates using logarithmic scales on a surface chart.
  • Surface Axis Scale Break
    Demonstrates using scale breaks on surface charts.
  • Surface Axis Styling
    Demonstrates styling axis lines and chart area of a surface chart.
  • Surface Date Grouping
    Demonstrates creating a surface chart from live time based data.
  • Surface Designer
    Demonstrates usage of the box header properties and code to generate them.
  • Surface From Category Data
    Demonstrates how to draw a surface chart from category based series where elements use names for x axis values.
  • Surface From Elements
    Demonstrates how to populate a surface chart by creating elements.
  • Surface Time DB
    Demonstrates how normal chart data can be converted into surface data.
  • Surface Image Heatmap
    Demonstrates a 2D heatmap with transparent colors overlaying an image.
  • Surface Lighting
    Demonstrates the effect of Disabling 3D lighting.
  • Surface Views
    Demonstrates creating multiple views of 3D data.
  • Surface Views Transparent
    Demonstrates creating multiple views of 3D data with transparent sections.