Gallery > Showcase Charts

  • JS Emissions By Income
    Demonstrates a range ticks with variwide (bar mekko)
  • JS UnemploymentRateUS
    Demonstrates a dashboard with a map and grid with microchart sparklines.
  • JS IPhone Prices
    Demonstrates line chart of phone prices and how to draw faux stepped line series.
  • JS Heatmap Dense
    Demonstrates a heatmap chart with smartPalette legend entries.
  • JS Gauge Linear
    Demonstrates a linear column gauge chart.
  • JS Gantt Dependencies
    Demonstrates using a grid on the axis and Gantt dependencies.
  • JS Datagrid DB
    Demonstrates how to generate chart with data grid connected to database.
  • JS Aqua Range Columns
    Demonstrates range bars with ShadingEffectMode.Two.
  • JS Circular Icons
    Demonstrates using shape labels with icons on circular column charts.
  • JS Calendar Details
    Demonstrates Calendar heatmap with microcharts and details chart based on csv data.
  • JS Stacked Sales Bars
    Demonstrates a stacked bar chart with firstPoint labels.
  • JS Range AreaLine
    Demonstrates an area range chart with dual axes.
  • JS Tires Compared
    Demonstrates custom curly brace range ticks mapped to tire ratings.
  • JS Axis Marker Holidays
    Demonstrates holiday calendar pattern markers showing correlation with hotel traffic.
  • JS Range Tick Layout
    Demonstrates Custom range ticks with multiple and offset axes.
  • JS House Sales Scatter
    Demonstrates a scatter chart dashboard including column, and area charts.
  • JS Water Heating Curve
    This sample deomonstrates using superscript and subscript label tags to display formulas.
  • JS Icon Browser
    Demonstrates icon browser with search to view and find all available icons.
  • Surface 3D
    Demonstrates a simple 3D surface chart.
  • JS Tree Map Mul SRCol Swatch
    Demonstrates a treeMap chart with a multi-color smart range colors and a color swatch.