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Axis Class Members
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dotnetCHARTING Namespace : Axis Class

The following tables list the members exposed by Axis.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorAxis ConstructorOverloaded.  Initializes a new instance of the Axis class.  

Public Properties

Public PropertyAlternateGridBackground Gets or sets a Background object used to fill the area between every other grid two grid lines.  
Public PropertyCenterTickMarks Gets or sets a value that indicates whether axis ticks are centered above tick labels or drawn between each label.  
Public PropertyClearValues Gets or sets a value which indicates whether tick labels are cleared before LabelOverrides are applied.  
Public PropertyClusterColumns Gets or sets a value that indicates whether columns and cylinders are drawn side by side or front to back.  
Public PropertyCombinedElementsCalculation Gets or sets the Calculation used when multiple elements on a quantitative x axis are located at the same x position. If the elements are columns they will be combined into a single element using this calculation, otherwise, the original elements are plotted.  
Public PropertyCultureName Gets or sets the culture name used for number and date formatting in conjunction with FormatString.  
Public PropertyDefaultMinorTick Gets or sets the default dotnetCHARTING.AxisTick used for all generated minor axis ticks.  
Public PropertyDefaultTick Gets or sets an AxisTick that acts as a vehicle for property settings that will propagate to all other axis ticks on this axis.  
Public PropertyExtraTicksA collection of AxisTick objects added to the axis.  
Public PropertyFormatString Gets or sets the format string used by this axis.  
Public PropertyGaugeLabelMode Gets or sets the GaugeLabelMode for axis ticks drawn on this axis when using gauges.  
Public PropertyGaugeNeedleType Gets or sets the GaugeNeedleType used with this axis on gauges.  
Public PropertyGenerateElementTicks Gets or sets a value that indicates whether an AxisTick object is generated for each element's position on this axis.  
Public PropertyInterval Gets or sets the numeric tick label interval for this axis.  
Public PropertyInvertScaleGets or sets a value that indicates whether the axis scale is inverted.  
Public PropertyJsID Gets or sets the ID of this axis used in JSCharting. By specifying this ID, the axis can be referenced in JS.  
Public PropertyLabelGets or sets the axis label.  
Public PropertyLabelMarker Gets or sets an ElementMarker object used on gauge charts in place of the axis' label.  
Public PropertyLabelOverrides A collection of LabelOverride objects.  
Public PropertyLabelRotate Gets or sets a value which indicates whether the axis label of this y axis is facing the tick labels or is facing away.  
Public PropertyLineGets or sets the axis Line.  
Public PropertyLineBreaks (JS Charts only) Gets or sets options for visual axis line gaps at tick positions.  
Public PropertyLogarithmicBase Gets or sets the logarithmic base of logarithmic axis scales. Used only in conjunction with Logarithmic Scales.  
Public PropertyMarkers A collection of AxisMarkers used to highlight sections of this axis.  
Public PropertyMaximum Gets or sets the upper bounds of this numeric axis' range.  
Public PropertyMinimum Gets or sets the lower bounds of this numeric axis' range.  
Public PropertyMinimumIntervalGets or sets the numeric minimum interval value.  
Public PropertyMinorInterval Gets or sets a numeric value that determines the interval of minor axis ticks.  
Public PropertyMinorTicksPerInterval Gets or sets the number of minor axis ticks generated between major axis ticks.  
Public PropertyMinorTimeIntervalAdvanced Gets or sets a TimeIntervalAdvanced object that determines the interval of minor axis ticks.  
Public PropertyName Gets or sets the name of this axis.  
Public PropertyNumberPrecision Gets or sets the number of decimal digits of this axis' format.  
Public PropertyOrientation Gets or sets the orientation of this axis.  
Public PropertyOrientationAngle Gets or sets an angle measured in degrees clockwise from the y-axis specifying the direction a gauge axis is oriented.  
Public PropertyOverlappingCircularLabelSeparator Gets or sets a text label separator used when two axis ticks on a radar's x axis overlap.  
Public PropertyPercent Gets or sets a value that indicates whether this axis displays percent values.  
Public PropertyPosition Gets or sets the axis positions when 2 or more axes are drawn on the same side of a ChartArea.  
Public PropertyRadarMode Gets or sets the RadarMode of this axis. Applies when this object is the x axis of a radar chart.  
Public PropertyRangeAngle Gets or sets an angle measured in degrees that is centered at the orientation angle.  
Public PropertyReverseSeries Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the positions of series bound to this axis are reversed.  
Public PropertyReverseSeriesPositions Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the positions of series bound to this axis are reversed without reversing legend positions.  
Public PropertyReverseStack Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the order of stacked elements is reversed.  
Public PropertyScale Gets or sets the scale of this axis.  
Public PropertyScaleBreakCalendarPattern Gets or sets a calendar pattern object that specifies the sequence of scale breaks on a time axis.  
Public PropertyScaleBreakLine Gets or sets a Line object that is used to outline scale breaks on this axis.  
Public PropertyScaleBreaks A collection of ScaleRange objects that represent discontinuations in this axis' scale.  
Public PropertyScaleBreakStyle Gets or set a ScaleBreakStyle enumeration member that specifies the scale break style.  
Public PropertyScaleRangeGets or sets the scale's high and low values.  
Public PropertyShowGrid Gets or sets a value indicating whether grid lines are drawn.  
Public PropertySmartMinorTicks Gets or sets a value that indicates whether relevant minor axis ticks will be automatically determined based on major intervals.  
Public PropertySmartScaleBreak Gets or sets a value that indicates whether this axis will insert a discontinuity into it's scale if appropriate.  
Public PropertySmartScaleBreakLimit Gets of sets the maximum number of scale breaks used when Axis.SmartScaleBreak = true.  
Public PropertySpacingPercentage Gets or sets a percentage (0 - 100) which indicates the spacing between columns, cylinders or groups thereof.  
Public PropertyStaticColumnWidth Gets or sets the static bar width in pixels.  
Public PropertySweepAngle Gets or sets an angle measured in degrees clockwise from the OrientationAngle to the other side of the axis.  
Public PropertySynchronizeScale Gets a class that contains options to synchronize the scale of this axis with other scales.  
Public PropertyTickLabelAngle Gets or sets the angle of axis tick labels when they are angled. Setting this property will not automatically angle tick labels.  
Public PropertyTickLabelMode Gets or sets the label mode that specifies how tick labels behave.  
Public PropertyTickLabelPadding Gets or sets a value in pixels indicating the padding between axis elements such as the axis label, tick labels, and ticks lines.  
Public PropertyTickLabelSeparatorLine Gets or sets the a tick label separator. The separator is automatically used when labels are wrapped. To disable or enable, set the this line's color to Color.Transparent or a valid color respectively.  
Public PropertyTickNumberMaximum Gets or sets the maximum number of tick marks for numeric axis scales.  
Public PropertyTimeInterval Gets or sets the time interval between tick labels when using the time scale.  
Public PropertyTimeIntervalAdvanced Gets or sets a class that represents advanced time interval settings to supplement the TimeInterval property.  
Public PropertyTimePadding Gets or sets the time padding of this axis.  
Public PropertyTimeScaleLabels Gets the TimeLabelAutomationInfo class that encapsulates axis ticks, format strings, and options of the Time Label Automation features used to represent particular instances in time.  
Public PropertyViewport Gets a ViewPort object that defines the visible scale range or zoom range when using AJAX scrolling. Setting the properties of this class allows zooming the chart programatically.  
Public PropertyZeroTick Gets or sets an AxisTick that replaces automatically generated axis tick with a value of zero (0).  

Public Methods

Public MethodAddCalculatedTickOverloaded.  Adds an AxisTick with a value based on the specified Calculation.  
Public MethodAddLabelOverrideOverloaded.  Adds a LabelOverride to the LabelOverrides collection.  
Public MethodCalculateOverloaded.  Obtains a copy instance of this Axis and processes it's tick values based on the specified method.  
Public MethodClear Serves as a shortcut to hide this axis.  
Public MethodGetCoordintatesGets the coordinates of this axis after the chart is rendered.  
Public MethodGetValueAtX Returns the value of this X axis at the specified x/y coordinates.  
Public MethodGetValueAtY Returns the value of this Y axis at the specified x/y coordinates.  

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