Organizational Charts for ASP.NET

An organization chart is a hierarchical representation of the team members within a company. Org charts provide a quick overview of the management groups and can also be used to quickly and efficiently communicate contact information and other details. By including employee pictures, organization charts provide a way for new team members to become familiar with the individuals that make up the company structure. .netCHARTING provides advanced formatting and display options to create an organization chart template and can dynamically obtain data from an existing database enabling a comprehensive and highly polished org chart within minutes.

This organizational chart demonstrates the advanced template features of .netCHARTING and utilizes images, text layout, custom database attributes and header functionality.

Simple org charts are also possible. Here values are automatically obtained from a database using only 3 lines of code. With .netCHARTING it is also simple to control padding and visual spacing between different entries within the chart.

Corner styles can be customized between cut, round and square and template boxes can be modified to meet your organizations specific requirements.

Organizational shading can be applied for each element and header independently along with color selections. This sample illustrates the different visual shading effects.

Organization chart illustrating vertical layout, line thickness and color customization, metallic shading, per group color customization and picture display.